DFNS Denim Launder

Revive and remodel your jeans. You don't need to wash them in the washing machine and have them stiff, just apply DFNS Denim Launder, wait 10 minutes and you're done. This product, in an 85 ml bottle, also neutralizes bad odors with the micro particles that act on the material, leaving a light scent of green tea.


DFNS Sneakers Refresher

DFNS Sneaker Refresher is a non-toxic, eco-sustainable odor neutralizer. The product formula contains active probiotic agents that act on footwear with a 24-hour action. Very useful when you do not have a spare part of sneakers during a trip so as not to give up your street outfit.


DFNS Sneakers Proctector

DFNS Sneakers Proctector answers all your questions on how to protect and not ruin sneakers. This liquid is water repellent, therefore it allows the shoe to get wet or dirty without damage, because the particles of the product bind to the fabrics of the shoe for total protection. Despite the waterproofness DFNS Sneakers Proctector, it allows the foot to breathe freely. It is an eco-sustainable...


DFNS Sneakers Cleaner

DFNS footwear cleaner answers your questions on how to wash sneakers. it is practical and eco-sustainable, you will not need to put your shoes in the washing machine. Made from water without toxic agents and 100% biodegradable, it works on all materials, leather, suede, canvas, making the best of it with its brush. 185 ML of product.